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Miner installation on Ubuntu


^eSe^ DonMarco:
Looking for someone to install some miner CPU or GPU on my machine runing Ubuntu


Some BernCash for sure!
Contact me here


I can run some TeamViewer or something :)

I'm mining Bern now on zpool :

My cpu/gpu are obsolete, so i just rented a rig at miningrigrentals , the algo (x14) is also a trouble factor, so i use
the autoexchange on zpool, to payout in BERN. With current price i breakeven with my 380 mined Berns :D

If you google 'ubuntu cpuminer', there are several guides and howtos to install it. The command line in the .bat to start up the miner
i can help a bit, but a serious cpu/gpu will be needed to make some BERN.

^eSe^ DonMarco:
but the think is that i have radeon hd 4850 or 4870 and all the time i get error same with sgminer and bgminer etc... we tryied with steve on linux but after 1st restart my pc dont want to start.... normally i can mine with this card but it is showing error difficulty to low or smth pool etc...

On Ubuntu in the past, I have found this helpful:

Just FYI for anyone looking for info related to this.


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