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Install wallet

Installation of the BERNcash wallet (aka BERNcash client) is very simple and straight forward. I will walk you through the instillation on Windows in this example but, the instillation on Mac consists of nearly the same steps and should be useful if you intend to install on your Mac and need guidance.

First, you need to download the BERNcash wallet.

You can get Your BERNcash wallet from here:


(Please note: If prompted, this dialog may appear slightly different in different web browsers.)

The download will only take a few minutes on even slow Internet connections. Once completed, you will have downloaded a compressed ZIP archive into your “Download” folder. Click “Open” if prompted. If not, you will need to navigate to your Downloads folder. Newer versions of Windows do have native ZIP archive support built into the Operating System but, older versions may need a third-party program to uncompress the files. If you need a third-party application to open the ZIP archive, I suggest 7 zip as it is free and open sourced software. Installing 7 zip should be easy and is outside the scope of this document. For the sake of this example, I will continue as if you have a modern version of Windows and have native ZIP archive support. Once you have the archive open in windows explorer, you should see a window resembling the following image. Click “Extract” in the tool ribbon. Then click “Extract all”.

You then will be prompted with a dialog window asking where you want the files extracted. The default location should be fine but please make note of it for future reference. You will also want to check the “Show extracted files when complete” checkbox as this will make it easier for you.

After the extraction process completes, you will see a windows explorer window like the following. Simply double click on “BErNcash-qt.exe”

You may also be prompted to allow BERNcash access through your firewall. This is needed as your BERNcash wallet does need to ‘talk’ to other BERNcash wallets. By default, it will allow communication on private networks such as your home. You may wish to enable through firewall access on public networks such as coffee shops or other public networks you visit. To do this, place a check mark by “Public Networks…” also. Then click “Allow access” to apply the new firewall rule.

BERNcash will now load. When BERNcash first initially loads, it must synchronize with the rest of the BERNcash network. It may take a while to fully synchronize. Progress will be indicated with a progress bar at the bottom of the BERNcash wallet window. Allow the BERNcash wallet to remain open so it can fully sync.

That is it, congratulations! You have successfully installed BERNcash! At this time, feel free to explore around the wallet and familiarize yourself with it. One thing to take important note of is your BERNcash address (aka Receiving address, aka Public Key). Click on the “Receive coins” tab. You will be presented with a list of all your addresses. You will only have one address at this time but you may wish to make additional ones in the future to better keep track of your BERN income. If you right click on your BERN address and select “Copy Address” you can paste it into the BERNcash faucet and in under 24 hours you would see your first deposit happen. 24 hours after that, you would begin collecting the 10% interest on the BERNcash you received.

Images and text found on

Here is simply tutorial how to start mining BERNcash using wallet. - TBA
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Re: [GUIDE] Install BERNcash Wallet on Windows Step by Step
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Nice guide DonMarco, very easy to follow. #FeelTheBern!  8)