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You can post anything that does not fit into another board here. If topics are brought up and demand does deem a new board necessary, a board will be added.

Just wanted to say hey, Im bigs21024 everywhere and many know me i have been buying more and more bern every chance i get and im stocking up nice lol. Thanks dev for another great coin with great support and great features.

Hey guys,

I would like to know where people are from to see where berncash is spreading.

I'm from County Cork in Ireland.  :o

Hi gang, I am in Newton Falls, Ohio, USA.

Barry, small world!! About 6 months ago I was in Cork! It was a once in a lifetime journey for me and was the only time I have ever been out of the states. There was so much history and it was amazing seeing a country 5 or 6 times older then my own. Ireland is amazingly beautiful! I loved it and might actually still be there had immigration not given me problems.  :-\ They were going to repatriate me!!! All because I mentioned I would be doing my work while on vacation and did not have a departure date because I aimed to stay as long as I could afford to and had yet to buy the return ticket. This made them think I was there to work illegally. I tried to explain that I was talking about my own "USA work" (yes, crypto projects among others), not "Ireland work" but, they wouldn't let me get out a sentence in my defense. When 'Garda' (a term for 'police' that, like everything else that was going on, was completely new to me) finally came to take me to Irish prison  :-[ to wait for my flight back to my original port, did I get anyone to listen. I convinced them to let me stay a month, but they were going to keep my passport.

The real heart-breaking part came after the month and I was finally forced to leave. Not 1 hour after I landed back in Cleveland, the head of immigration (someone I had been writing letters, asking for reconsideration) called me and told me the ruling was overturned. I was welcome to stay in Ireland as long as I wanted and to report to immigration and they would, finally, stamp my passport for 6 months. But I had already, unwillingly, returned to the states.  :'(

But in that month, I did make the best of it. Minus many, many trips to 'solicitors' (another new term for 'lawyers' that was completely new to me) in my attempts to find a way for me to stay longer, I did get to see the amazing beauty of the Emerald Island. Other than the immigration officers, the people are so nice and polite! Had the people not been so helpful to me, I would still be walking the streets of Cork looking for 'lawyers' to help me. LOL

I took thousands of pictures and will never forget it. I hope some day I can return and not have such a stressful ordeal.

#BordersSuck  >:(

Jeeze Steven,

Sorry to hear you had those problems with immigration. That seems to be a bit of a problem in Ireland with the authorities lately. They have become so strict and heavy handed in all areas of political concern. I am glad it didn't obscure your view of Ireland though. It is a lovely country and the people are mostly very hospitable. If it wasn't for the poor weather conditions it would be a dream.

I've been to the states before as I have cousins in Boston and I got to see New York and New Jersey. It was just after 9/11 so it was a surreal visit. I'll probably go again and see more, hopefully California and of course Las Vegas.

Hope you do get to return to Ireland and have a much more pleasant experience.

P.S. You might want to bottle some warmth and sunshine and bring it with you if you are coming again  :P


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